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Funding phase
Seed & Series A
€250k - €2,5M

Our portfolio is formed by startups and Founders who share key values with us.

Sharing experience with Founders is a no-brainer. We enjoy cooperation with future leaders who are ready to shift their innovative businesses to the next level and still, stay open-minded toward ideas from outside. We believe in talents, who are capable to inspire and pursue their vision to others.
During collaboration we ensure that we share aligned vision, that great businesses are not only build on the disrupting idea but also are result of global ambitions, constant process streamlining and accommodation of fast growth. Your success is our success.
We aim to facilitate  growth through continuous support, right connections and genuine partnership. We are persuaded that the biggest added value is created when Founder and Investor share core values of transparency and realizing that we both stand at the same side.

J&T Ventures has greatly helped with closing our first bank cooperation in CZ and the following international expansion, opening doors for B2B partners as well as onboarding banks in the CEE region.

Ondřej Knot

J&T Ventures are not only willing to listen to our needs, share their experience, or help with contacts. They give their founders trust as well as enough room to breathe. We're also wonderfully aligned with the J&T Ventures team on the personal front.

Tomáš Turek

The J&T Ventures team is simply helpful. From the small things like getting an excellent PR agent in Germany all the way to tough times of founder conflict. We can always count on them.

Pavel Konečný
Neuron Soundware

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